White Agate Mala

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Agate is a semi precious opaque gem. It is found in many colours. This stone can be used in place of the precious stones with equally effective results. For removing the bad planetary effects,  a person  should wear the Agate mala of the colour which belongs to the planet.

Agate is a symbol of protection, courage and success. It attracts good fortune by eliminating bad luck. It has a calming effect during times of stress, giving a sense of strength and courage It has a calming and stabilizing effect on the body. It helps to encourage success and financial rewards.

This White Agate Mala should be used to pacify the malefic effects of Planet Venus or to strengthen this planet in ones Horoscope. This mala can be worn by persons having their zodiac signs as Taurus (Vrashabh Rashi) and Libra ( Tula Rashi ) with wonderful results.

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